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Not the greatest but.....

I have to admit i really hate pokemon with a passion but this movie made me laugh. I especially loved the Grenade Bitch-slap part and the Yugioh playing Madness Link.

GRAPHICS - Well the madness character was good (even though not original) and kinda worked in a strange way for this flash. The backgrounds could have used a little more time (maybe draw your own?)... and i'm not really a fan of the sprites.. (2/5)

SOUNDS - Were alright and synced well.. (3/5)

ORIGINALITY - Very original, funny, and showed some potential.. (3/5)

I gave you a pass through the portal :)

(2/5, 5/10)

Very Nice....

Great animation, Great Story and pretty funny....

GRAPHICS - Loved the characters and the style you chose to draw them. No complaints in this category. (5/5)

SOUNDS - Sound and music that you picked for this peice fit perfectly. No Complaints (5/5)

ORIGINALITY - Story was very original... Hands kinda reminded me of a krinkels style animation. Other then that excellent. (3/5)

(4/5, 8/10)

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Hmm plot....?

It's a interesting idea to make a flash based on the old time silent movies, but even they had a plot or at least one that made sense...

GRAPHICS - Not to much in the way of animation.... Characters were original but a little more effort in drawing (texture and shading) would improve the flash greatly. I did however like the old movie style frames. (1/5)

SOUNDS - Music fit the theme well (charlie chaplin music).. (3/5)

ORIGINALITY - Very original however a reasonable plot the movie itself failed. (1/5)

Unfortunatley i'm not gonna pass this one through the portal, however i hope you improve on your submission or use my advice in future projects.

(1/5, 3/10)

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Needs Some Work....

The game is a good start and has loads of potential... However with a a little more polish and time it could become a great game. Heres a couple of ideas that could help....

GRAPHICS - Well it's a block and lines.... Maybe use a sprite character or a character of your own other then a block for starters. A background of some sort would definatley be worth while and preferably not a solid colour. (2/5)

SOUND - Well there was no sound or music to speak of... Adding sound effects or music would definatley be a plus. (0/5)

PLAYABILITY - The game itself was a good premise and had a certain degree of platfroming difficulty.. So i'm giving it full grades for this category... (3/5)

I gave you a passing score to help you through the portal, and i hope that my review helps you improve on this or helps you in a future creation.

(2/5, 5/10)

lol... Very Original

I gave you a 5/5, 10/10....

All i can say is this was a truly original game.... and it was fun too... All the makings of a great game...


DarkRayneRules responds:

Thanks a bunch. :) The idea just came to me when I was having a fit over my game... it started completely different but turned cruddy real quick. So I thought stuff this I'm going to make a random donut eating game... and viola it turned into a floating angel saving a city from giant space donuts. My best ideas come when I'm getting fed up. lol. I swear I make life difficult for myself. :) Thanks for the lol I didn't know if this was going to be a successful theme or not... I have a weird sense of humour... I never know how well received my creative juices are going to be. I'm happy. :D Free for a month... until uni starts again. D:

I like it!

This game is really cool looking so far....

Hopefully you have a good storyline and more magic for the main character so that your game will win over some of us RPG fans out there! ANYWAYS GREAT WORK!!

Oh... and in the game whenever the monster got to zero he didn't die.... I had to hit him an extra time to kill him bringing him to -43
just something you might wanna check out...

TheKrimsonKrusader responds:

Hmm, I was pretty sure I rectified that problem.. Oh well, thank you muchly, I will look into this.

I'm currently working on a new animation which will be done soon!

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